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Li-ion batteries

25.01.2016 Category: Allgemein

Retrieval of defective, damaged, unusable or old Li batteries from consumers, workshops, accident sites and other collection points for reprocessing and disposal purposes.

Due to the increasing use of lithium batteries in the mobility sector, especially in the area of ??automotive drive technology, battery handling has become a high volume operation involving different tasks on a daily basis.

In particular, it is necessary to:

  1. Transport batteries from battery manufacturer to users (vehicle manufacturers, garages)
  2. Return transport of defective batteries (from vehicle manufacturers, garages) to the battery manufacturer or its service stations.
  3. Return transport of damaged batteries (from workshops, accident scenes or similar) to the battery manufacturer or its service stations.

All activities described herein are subject to different legal fields. In particular, these are the regulations on dangerous goods (ADR).

At present, the transport of Li-ion batteries is subject to UN No. 3480 and 3481, and Li metal batteries to UN No. 3090 and 3091, with various packing instructions and special provisions.

Unfortunately, these rules cover only a small part of the tasks described under 1 to 3.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop comprehensive concepts to ensure the legal compliance of tasks arising from regular battery handing requirements.

The development of a market-driven solution is now complete. Further information can be provided extensively on request.

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