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IBC inspection agency

CONTek IBC-Service GmbH (Nr. BAM / III. 13/015) is a recognised inspection agency for periodic tests and inspections of intermediate bulk containers (IBC). This recognition identifies CONTek as an inspection agency for the inspection scope defined in the BAM dangerous goods regulations (GGR 002) in the context of the ADR / RID specifications.

Our responsible tester offers

  • qualified technical training
  • ample experience in dealing with IBC
  • Expert knowledge pursuant to § 32 (5) on pressure container regulations
  • Additional training for qualified personnel for testing of intermediate bulk containers (IBC)

We undertake on your behalf all statutory testing

  • every 2 years and a half - internally performed, periodic tests
  • every 5 years - statutory inspection
  • on-site or at our manufacturing plant in Ellrich

Our testers work autonomously, that is:

  • Ensure the cleanliness of the IBC subject to test
  • Undertake all related preparation and handling
  • Provide all testing equipment
  • Produce relevant testing reports
  • Easy repair jobs or replacement of defective fittings and gaskets can be performed on-site.