All about IBCs
All services for intermediate bulk containers (IBC)

Cleaning depends on:

  • customer requirements
  • container geometry
  • content residues and legal regulations

CONTek and Environmental Protection

Environmental protection and sustainability are paramount for our corporate philosophy.

We guarantee high cleaning quality with minimal emissions.

Automated cleaning

Suitable for internal cleaning of transport containers with a variety of designs and content, i.e. with cubic and cylindrical designs, between 250 and 1,200-litre capacity.

As a rule, we will resort to cleaning solvents depending on the contamination type . Other approaches are also possible.

3D container cleaning system

Transport containers are mechanically cleaned on the inside with an advanced three-dimensional brush, and the action of detergents.

Brush hairs of varying length and the different rotational directions of the 3D brush allow proper cleaning of all formal elements on the walls, as well as of the container bottom and upper bottom.

During cleaning, the outlet is cleaned separately by means of a special brush unit.

This flawless cleaning process ends with the drying of all internal surfaces.

The system is designed to perform 4 cleanings per hour, which yields a capacity of up to 30 cleanings/shift, up to 90 cleanings/day in 3-shift operation, or up to 2,000 cleanings per month.

BWA cleaning system

In the automotive paint industry, due to the special geometry of its containers (250 litres pear) and the lack of bottom outlets, we must rely on a special cleaning system. On a monthly basis, this system processes up to 2,000 containers in 3 shifts.

Spray-head cleaning system

Internal cleaning is performed through a high-pressure unit that sprays the cleaning agent by means of a 2-axis rotating spray head, with a hard, dot-shaped beam, over the entire inner surface of the container.