All about IBCs
All services for intermediate bulk containers (IBC)

Cleaning depends on:

  • customer requirements
  • container geometry
  • content residues and legal regulations

CONTek and Environmental Protection

Environmental protection and sustainability are paramount for our corporate philosophy.


Reusable hazardous containers (IBC), mainly used by the chemical and coatings industry, must be thoroughly cleaned between uses. We meet the extremely high quality requirements of OEM's, including containers free from silicone, grease or oil, as well as from lint and streaks. This is guaranteed through intensive testing, which we perform in our own laboratories Upon request, we shall produce a special silicone-free certificate, which ensures the supply of "ready for use" containers.

We rely on our modern cleaning equipment for the exterior and interior cleaning of IBC. Upon request, cleaning can also proceed on an on-site basis. Needless to say, we are also familiar with manual cleaning processes.

Demand-driven container cleaning

Mechanical cleaning


Manual cleaning


THIELMANN CONTEK Services GmbH is a business licensed under §4 BImSchG for container cleaning. Furthermore, we are a recognised specialist under §19 I Water Resources Law (WHG) for setting up, maintaining, repairing and cleaning of containers for water-hazardous and/or flammable substances; THIELMANN CONTEK Services GmbH is ISO certified according to ISO 9001:2008.